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Professor Jim Cole

Professor Jim Cole - UC Research Medal winner

Professor Jim Cole - UC Research Medal winner

Professor Jim Cole, who will be presented with his medal at the April graduation because of travel commitments, is an internationally renowned volcanologist and petrologist whose reputation is built on 40 years of research.

One international referee described him as a visionary, and another said his publication record was a truly incredible body of work.

Professor Cole is honoured and delighted to be awarded the medal. He says it does not just recognise his achievements, but those of his research partners.

“I began my research into the Taupo Volcanic Zone as a PhD student at Victoria University of Wellington in the 1960s, and the Head of Department at the time, Bob Clark, really motivated me to get into volcanological research. Since then so many people have helped me, it would be impossible to name them all. I have certainly appreciated the many discussions with colleagues in the Department, other universities and CRIs in New Zealand, and overseas.

“I strongly believe in collaborative research, particularly with graduate students, and I think the award recognises the contribution of a large number of people to our understanding of volcanic processes and hazards within the Taupo Volcanic Zone.”

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