Research: How we can help

Research: How we can help you

Research funding

We handle all applications to and contracts with research funders, including contestable funding rounds for New Zealand sources, applications to overseas funding agencies, and applied research contracts. It is the University's policy that all proposals, contracts and variations are handled through R&I.
If you are seeking research funding, please contact a Research Consultant. If you have a general query regarding a current research contract (e.g. reporting or finances), please contact Bill Wekking. If you have a query regarding a research grant contract, please contact a Contracts Advisor.


We manage the Performance-based Research Fund (PBRF) on behalf of the University. This involves assisting Colleges and Departments/Schools to prepare and participate in PBRF Quality Evaluations, managing UC's PBRF submissions to the Tertiary Education Commission, and liaising with the Tertiary Education Commission on PBRF matters.
If you wish to find out more about the PBRF, please contact Maxine Bryant.


We maintain UC SPARK, a searchable website which showcases UC's research excellence. UC SPARK contains information about individual researchers, the projects they are working on, the research groups they belong to, the specialist equipment that they use, and their affiliations.
To find out more about UC SPARK, please contact Grant Barrie.

UC Research Report

The UC Research Report is an annual publication celebrating UC research. It includes articles on recent research, summary information for Colleges and lists of research outputs for the previous year (by College and Department/School).
To find out more about the Research Report, please contact Grant Barrie.