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Commercialisation Partner organisations

Canterbury Regional Innovation System (CRIS) (no link)

CRIS Ltd is a subsidiary of the Canterbury Development Corporation. CRIS’ purpose is to drive the successful commercialisation of innovation in our region.


Entré is a student-run company at the University of Canterbury. Entre’s goal is to encourage and cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit among university students.

Kiwi Innovation Network (KiwiNet)

KiwiNet is a consortium of Universities, Crown Research Institutes and Crown Entities dedicated to taking a collaborative approach to research commercialisation. KiwiNet aims to increase the scale and impact of scientific and technology based innovation, with the aim of providing greater economic benefits to New Zealand.

powerHouse Ventures Ltd (PVL)

PVL is a 50:50 public private company owned by UC, the Canterbury Development Corporation, Lincoln University, and a group of private investors. It raises funds to invest in start-up companies in the Canterbury region, and provides incubation services to support those companies. It has a focus on opportunities emerging from research organisations.