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Innovation Medal

The Innovation Medal is awarded by the Univeristy Council for “The active transformation of academic knowledge and ideas leading to their adoption by the wider community” and is of similar prestige and standing to the Research and Teaching Medals. A maximum of one award will be made each year.

The Medal shall be for excellence in transforming knowledge and ideas so they are adopted by the wider community in ways that contribute beneficial value. The innovation could be new to an organisation, to a country or to the world. Originating the knowledge or ideas is neither sufficient, nor necessary.  The following criteria are to be considered in the assessment process for the Medal:

  • How the individual has demonstrated excellence and outstanding achievement in innovation
  • The effect of the innovation (or innovations):
    • How the innovation(s) have changed the way things are done
    • The nature and value of the impact on a community or communities of people
    • The breadth of current adoption, and potential for wider adoption and impact
  • The extent to which the nominee has been actively involved in and responsible for both the transformation and the adoption

Adoption of ideas by other researchers in their research is not a suitable criterion, being more relevant to research awards. Similarly, innovations in teaching practices at this University would be more relevant to teaching awards, whereas efforts leading to adoption of innovative teaching practices in other environments would be eligible.

The award is open to all continuing staff and staff who have relinquished a continuing position within the three years prior to the year of the award. Note, the bulk of the innovation activities on which the nomination is based are expected to have been undertaken while the nominee was a continuing staff member at the University of Canterbury. Refer to the R&I intranet page for information of the nomination process (staff only).

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The Innovation Medal has been awarded previously to:


Innovation Medal Design

The medal was designed by Aaron Beehre, lecturer at the School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury.

The design reflects the spirit of innovation, shows a modern high-tech object evolving from a traditional base and was constructed using high density, high refractive index glass.

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