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Innovation Contacts

If you would like further information regarding commercialisation or IP please contact:

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Innovation Champions

If you would feel more comfortable discussing your idea with someone in your area, a number of departments have nominated an departmental champions to provide informal advice to department members on interacting with commercial activities.

Innovation Champions Terms of Reference (Word, 26KB)

College of Science Innovation Champions

Department Name
Chemistry Dr Vladimir Golovko
Communications Disorders Dr Gregory O'Beirne
Geological Sciences Dr Darren Gravley
Physics & Astronomy Professor Simon Brown
Geography Dr Malcolm Campbell
Geography Dr Christopher Gomez
Gateway Antarctica Dr Wolfgang Rack
Biological Sciences           Dr Jonathan Love


College of Engineering Innovation Champions

Department Name
CAPE & Wood Technology Research Professor Shusheng Pang
Civil and Natural Resources Engineering Dr Alessandro Palermo
Chemical & Process Engineering
Professor Conan Fee
Computer Science & Software Eng Dr Richard Green
Electrical & Computer Eng Dr Paul Gaynor
Forestry Associate Professor Rien Visser
Mechanical Eng and PIC Associate Professor Keith Alexander
Maths & Stats Professor Mike Steel
Geospatial Research Fred Samandari
Wireless Research Centre Fred Samandari
Wireless Research Centre Graeme Woodward
MacDiarmid Institute Dr Martin Allen

College of Business & Law Innovation Champions

Department Name
Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Executive Development Programme
Associate Professor Sussie Morrish
Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Executive Development Programme
Dr Herb de Vries

College of Arts Innovation Champion

Department Name
College of Arts, Language, Social and Political Sciences Associate Professor Lyndon Fraser