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A sample of the IP generated within a range of departments of the University of Canterbury and currently being developed and commercialised by the R&I Innovation Team:

Novel Composite Material

A novel composite material has been fabricated at the University of Canterbury which has superior resistance to creep deformation and rupture compared to the conventional materials. This material has applications in processes that exhibit high temperature and pressure.

Lab workersLabPlug

Structural Timber Innovation

Using high quality engineered timber components developed at the University of Canterbury; wooden buildings can be manufactured to meet a number of desirable specifications from aesthetics to functionality.  The buildings could be high-rise or single level factory-style and among other benefits have potential to assist with carbon credits. 


SoX is a technology that has been developed in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of the University of Canterbury. The invention solves many problems generally encountered when fabricating zinc oxide. This means that numerous power components can be manufactured easily, at a low cost and to a greater standard than previously possible.  

EcoHydro Logic

EcoHydro Logic is a computational model for managing stormwater systems which aims to help engineers implement devices to treat pollutants in runoff from urban catchments. The program is an analysis and planning tool which estimates the load and transport of pollutants.

Thin Films

Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) is a controlled process for making thin films and coatings used in electronics, solar cells, sensors, optics, and as thermal and chemical protection for parts. Researchers at the University of Canterbury are developing a new type of CVD equipment which functions much more effectively than normal systems.

If you would like further details about any of these projects please contact Adrian Busch, Technology Manager.