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The Intellectual Property (IP) generated by staff and students is an important outcome of a thriving university research culture, and the University of Canterbury (UC) seeks to maximise the transfer of this IP to the benefit of the wider community. The University acknowledges that commercialisation is not its core function and will seek to transfer its IP to appropriate Third Parties at an early opportunity, because they are better suited to manage the opportunity and risk associated with establishing products and services in the market.  Where possible and appropriate, UC continues to provide technical support to transition the transfer into commercial success.

All decisions and actions by the University regarding Intellectual Property (IP) are based on achieving successful transfer, maximising the benefit to New Zealand in the first instance where possible, and protecting the rights, interests and reputations of the inventor and of UC. UC seeks an appropriate financial return from the IP for the University and for the inventor (being careful not to inhibit transfer and market success).

The following documents provide greater detail about the University’s approach to the management of IP and commercialisation:

Commercialisation, Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property matters are the main focus of R&I's Commercialisation Team
The Commercialisation Team is a dedicated team who work throughout the University to provide the following support, assistance and advice in commercialising intellectual property created by University staff and students thus ensuring your their rights are properly protected.

The Commercialisation Team is responsible for managing Intellectual Property (IP) within the University of Canterbury.  This includes: reviewing invention disclosures, obtaining intellectual property protection, educating university personnel and drafting and reviewing agreements relating to IP.

For more information please view the rest of our commercialisation pages or feel free to contact a member of the commercialisation team at any stage.

Commercialisation for UC Staff

Taking a good idea from concept to commercial reality can be an exciting and rewarding, if somewhat bumpy, journey. R&I personnel are experienced in this process and are here to help you succeed.
R&I can provide support for all aspects of taking a product to market, and are happy to help with projects at any stage of development. Support services include:

  • the initial identification and evaluation of the IP in its early stages of research,
  • development and protection of the idea,
  • market research – customer, competitor and market analysis,
  • identifying suitable investors, and
  • finding the appropriate manufacturing and distribution partners to turn the idea into commercial reality

We can advise you on all the required steps to protect your research and, even better, can assist with all the required documentation.
Please feel free to contact Adrian Busch, Technology Manager, at any time.

If you would feel more comfortable discussing your idea with someone in your area, a number of departments have nominated Innovation Champions to provide informal advice to department members on interacting with commercial activities.

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Commercialisation for Students

Taking a good idea from concept to commercial reality can be an exciting and rewarding, if somewhat bumpy, journey.
UC Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE) is dedicated to nurturing student innovators & entrepreneurs and building entrepreneurial communities on campus. Whether you want to start your own new venture, enter competitions, study formal courses, work as part of an entrepreneurial team, attend workshops or summer bootcamps, UC Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE) can assist.

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