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Commercialisation Funding

There are a variety of funding sources available to advance projects with commercial potential.

Jumpstart Funding

Applications are now open - closing date 4 August. More information can be found at

Jumpstart is a funding initiative run by Research & Innovation and KiwiNet.  It aims to support technical development on projects that are seen to have commercial potential, but where technical risks are too high to attract PreSeed investment.  Jumpstart is run every few years to inject resource into projects that can be progressed quickly with backing from Research & Innovation – the funding can help in employing a student developer and purchasing some materials and consumables. The expected outcomes of Jumpstart are to de-risk early-stage projects and reach proof-of-principle.

PreSeed Accelerator Fund (PSAF)

The PreSeed Accelerator Fund (PSAF) is Government funding that aims to progress publically funded research into commercial opportunities. PSAF supports proof-of-concept and commercial development to aid research projects in reaching an investor-ready stage. Research & Innovation submits applications to the KiwiNet Investment Committee to seek PSAF funding.  If successful, the funding granted is matched by Research & Innovation.  To be eligible for PSAF funding, your project should meet the following criteria:

  • The project must result from publically funded research.
  • The project must demonstrate commercial potential and contribute economic benefits to New Zealand.

Development must be limited to creating a first working prototype or reaching proof-of-concept, as opposed to supporting on-going product development.

Please feel free to discuss any of these funding sources with Adrian Busch.